[gdm-list] Xdmcp problem

Hello all,

I've experienced trouble with Gdm in a X-terminals network (Slackware
11, Dropline Gnome 2.16.1).

I never had any XDMCP problems before with a 2.4 kernel on a 20
terminals network.

After upgrading the server to, I've found that Gdm needs to
be launched before the terminals send xdmcp requests. If there is
already xdmcp requests when it starts, it takes a long time to come,
and the terminals don't receive any login window.

Trying to log in fails. Trying with a 2.6.18 kernel is not better.

It seems that it's worse when clients are running a 2.4 kernel but
anyway, 4 PCs running a 2.6 kernel before Gdm starts make it crash.

I've experienced that on 3 similar network installations. Tryed many
gdm options unsuccessfully. 

BTW I  could'nt reproduce it at home with Xnest requests.

Thanks for your help.

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