Re: [gdm-list] Face recognition for linux login

I am also doing the same project for my undergraduate course. I completed the Face Recognition part. But I am stuck with the linux login. Jose, can you send me the PAM module you created for your project? Or Can anybody give me a sample PAM module?

Jain MJ
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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 13:18:20 +0100
From: Jos? Miguel Buenaposada Biencinto
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Subject: Re: [gdm-list] Face recognition for linux login ...
To: Brian Cameron < Brian Cameron Sun COM>
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First of all, forgive me for answering so late :-(.

Thanks for your advice .... it works!!!


Brian Cameron wrote:

> Jos?:
> All gdm GUI's run as the "gdm" user (refer to User/Group settings
> in the GDM configuration).  The default values are gdm:gdm.
> Note that GDM saves it's Xauthority cookies in /var/lib/gdm
> (some distros may modify the servauthdir directory, but this is
> the normal default for most distros so you shouldn't hardcode
> this directory and make it configurable for your PAM module).
> So you should be able to grab the Xauth cookie from here.  I
> believe the file named .cookie is the cookie that the root user
> can use when GDM is showing the GUI.
> Since your PAM module code should be running as root, grabbing
> and using the Xauth key for the gdm user should be possible to
> do.
> I hope this helps.  Let me know.
> Brian
>> First of all I have to introduce myself, I'm a Computer Vision
>> researcher interested in human computer interaction. And
>> I apologize if this is a bit off-topic (although it could not be).
>> Some time ago I asked for advice in the gdm-list about
>> implementing face recognition for linux login on gdm:
>> And Bob Doolittle sugested to implement such a thing as a PAM module:
>> Anyhow, we are now developing the face recognition driven linux login
>> (on a master thesis) using a PAM module. The problem we have now is
>> how to deal with the Xserver security (when using Xauthority) in
>> order to show
>> a graphical window with the video aside the gdm login window.
>> What we are doing is to fork a process in the PAM module to run
>> the face recognition loop on the the child process. And when we try
>> to show
>> a simple graphical window the X server don't allow us to connect ... we
>> are not even logged into the system and we are not using the rigth
>> Xauthority
>> magic cookie !!
>> And the question is, what is the unix user from which the gdm is
>> running?
>> what can we do to launch a window from a process aside the gdm login
>> window?
>> Please, answer me directly as I'm not in the list.
>> Many thanks for any advice.
>> Jose M. Buenaposada.

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