Re: [gdm-list] cannot return to session after switch user


thank you Brian,
gdmflexiserver is a good tool and could do what the
users need, but

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 03:24:43PM -0600, Brian Cameron wrote:
Users can pick the "New Login" choice in the menu.  This
should be found in the Application->System menu

1) it is hidden by default, so they do not see it (ubuntu6.06)

Yes, you may need to modify the /usr/share/applications desktop
file to get the behavior you want.  You may also think it is a
good idea to move it in the menu to where it makes more sense
for your distro.  If you think, in general, the choice or menu
location should be something else, then I'd file a bug at with your recommendation.

2) even if I knew how to make it visible to all
current and future user accounts, then still:
if a user wants to switch to a running hidden session
then (s)he will still use:

panel -> turnoff symbol -> switch user

and not:

Application -> System -> New Login

I thought that picking panel->turnoff symbol->switch user
just ran gdmflexiserver in the background, which should pop-up
the same dialog.  So it should work.  If not, I'd file a bug
against gnome-panel in and find out why
they aren't doing it this way.

not only is the name "New Login" completely counter-intuitive
if someone wants to switch back to his running session,

If you have a better idea of how it should work, please file a
bug as suggested above.

also the users see the huge shiny "switch user" button every
time they log out/restart/shutdown, (and also under windows)
so when they finally need what this button promises,
they will happily try this button
("I've already seen where I can do that! hah, I can help myself!")
... and get stuck

Yes, this does seem like a usability problem.  I don't understand
why the shiny switch user button just doesn't call gdmflexiserver
to pop-up the same dialog to help users switch back to any existing

Thanks for telling me about gdmflexiserver,
i guess it is only a small step to include it into the
gdm greeter system menue ("action menu") under an appropriate name. can I do it as an administrator
once for each installed computer?

Any changes you make to /usr/share/applications/*desktop files
are global for all users.  The panel configuration is stored
in GConf and the GNOME System Admin Guide explains how to set
up default and manditory GConf settings.

The GNOME System Admin guide is here:

Or could I even make the "switch user" button
(which appears after clicking the turnoff symbol
 in the panel) directly execute gdmflexiserver?

I'd think that is how it already should work, but it seems it
does not. You really should bring this up in a gnome-panel bug and see what they say. Sorry I'm not familiar with their code off the top of my
head.  Though I'd be interested to hear what you discover after you
find out.

It would be feasible network-wide
if I could do this once per computer,
through an after-install customization
script, but it would not be feasible to
do it once for each user.

Yes, using GConf settings and editing /usr/share/applications
files, you should be able to get what you want.

Also users can run gdmflexiserver from the
command line if they wish.

99% of the users I'm searching a solution for
do not use the command line (and don't know how to do it,
and what it can do, and would never take the time to learn)

I understand, I was just explaining the options I know about.

Note the gdmflexiserver.desktop file that should be installed
to /usr/share/applications

It is already installed there under ubuntu 6.06, which I am using.


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