Re: [gdm-list] cannot return to session after switch user


Users can pick the "New Login" choice in the menu.  This
should be found in the Application->System menu.  This
runs gdmflexiserver, and if existing sessions are running
it will pop-up a dialog asking the user which session they
wish to return to.  If no sessions are running, it will
just start GDM.  Also users can run gdmflexiserver from the
command line if they wish.

Note the gdmflexiserver.desktop file that should be installed
to /usr/share/applications, which is the desktop file that
makes this menu option available.


when one of my customers clicks on switch user
under ubuntu, (s)he returns to gdm, but
there is no option to switch to one of
the already running sessions.

I guess there are also possible ways for the
ubuntu people to work around this, but why work
around it in each distribution, I think the
"gnome display manager" is the right place,
don't you think?

fast-user-switch-panel is also no option,
since the users don't know that it is there or
how to add it to their panel. And I can't
tell them either, because there are hundrets
of users, new ones arriving every week.
And the panel also shows users that are
not already logged in, which is also
true for the locked-screen, sadly.
Is this locked screen menu part of gdm?

thanks in advance,

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