Re: [gdm-list] at-spi-registryd not starting automatically in gdm [was multiple at-spi...]


I have no clue at the moment, where LIBEXECDIR resides and how to
correct the problem.

When you compile gdm, set --libexecdir=/usr/lib/at-spi/.

This is probably not a good solution, since GDM wants to install other
things to libexecdir which really belong in libexecdir.  Doing the
above might work around this problem, but could introduce other
problems and would make GDM install its libexec stuff to the at-spi
directory, which would be nasty.

This should
really be a separate switch. Brian, would you accept a patch to clean
this up? Probably

    [Directory where at-spi-registryd is located])],

with appropriate substitutions in would work.

Yes, I sent detailed informatino about how to do this, so the issue
can be corrected for Ubuntu.


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