Re: [gdm-list] user startup script

On 8/8/07, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:
> Josh:
> > It looks like only root can modify scripts in the PreSession
> > directory, but I don't have root on this system. Does GDM support a
> > user script like this that I can set up without root access?
> Correct.  You need root access to modify these files.
> You might be able to use your $HOME/.profile or $HOME/.cshrc file
> (depending on which shell you are using) to set values you want to
> set when you are logging in.  I think these are the only files
> that users without root access can modify to affect their login.

Depending on what your distro has done with the gdm Xsession file, you
can see what user specific settings it pulls in. For instance, I'm
using the stock /etc/gdm/Xsession that ships with gdm. I see that if
it finds $HOME/.xprofile, it will source that file. That seems like a
good place to put something like `xset' since you don't want to be
running that each time you run a shell or when you're not in X.

So, I'd suggest just reading your system's gdm/Xsession and seeing if
there's something you can leverage.


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