Re: [gdm-list] Remove something out of GDM-Sessions-List


Note the following information from the GDM configuration file.  You
can turn on and off the GNOME/xterm failsafe sessions by changing
these configuration values.  I hope this helps you.

# Show the Failsafe sessions.  These are much MUCH nicer (focus for
# xterm for
# example) and more failsafe then those supplied by scripts so distros
# should use this rather then just running an xterm from a script.


 Sommer wrote:
Hi Brian, hi alls,

thanks for the help.

But Iam not shure if you unterstood:

I do not want to get "Gnome" in my sessions-list, i want to get "Gnome (safe mode)" OUT too, because i uninstalled Gnome and so it does not work and I do not need it.

I use GDM as Display-Manager and Fluxbox as Windows-Manager.

Or is it not possible to get "Gnome (safe mode)" out of the sessions list of GDM?


P.S.: Please answer me too, not only the list - Iam not on it ;-)

Brian Cameron schrieb:


Look in your /usr/share/xsessions directory. There should be a gnome.desktop file there with an Exec/TryExec line to run the
gnome-session program.  If you are missing this file, this would
explain why GNOME is not in your menus.  You should add back the
file and it should work.  If you rebuild the latest version of
GDM, it should install the file for you.

Note you might need to change the Exec/TryExec line to
"dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session" for it to
properly start GNOME, depending on what version of GNOME
you are using.


Iam running Debian/SID (German).

Iam using Fluxbox as Window-Manager, but I used Gnome before. Now i uninstalled Gnome by

apt-get remove gnome*

But i want to use GDM as Desktop-Manager, so i installed GDM again

apt-get install gdm

It works fine. But a little thing disturbs me:

When GDM starts, i an choose the session I want to start (KDE, Fluxbox...). Before i uninstalled Gnome, "Gnome" was also in the list - it is away now, but there is still standing

Gnome (safe mode) (I hope i translated correctly, it stands in German - "Gnome (abgesichert)").

But I do not have Gnome any more, i just want to have this out of the list too.

When I try to start it - it logically doesn't work.


P.S: Iam not on the list, please answer to my mail-adress (max wh2 tu-dresden de)
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