[gdm-list] Remove something out of GDM-Sessions-List


Iam running Debian/SID (German).

Iam using Fluxbox as Window-Manager, but I used Gnome before. Now i uninstalled Gnome by

apt-get remove gnome*

But i want to use GDM as Desktop-Manager, so i installed GDM again

apt-get install gdm

It works fine. But a little thing disturbs me:

When GDM starts, i an choose the session I want to start (KDE, Fluxbox...). Before i uninstalled Gnome, "Gnome" was also in the list - it is away now, but there is still standing

Gnome (safe mode) (I hope i translated correctly, it stands in German - "Gnome (abgesichert)").

But I do not have Gnome any more, i just want to have this out of the list too.

When I try to start it - it logically doesn't work.


P.S: Iam not on the list, please answer to my mail-adress (max wh2 tu-dresden de)

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