Re: [gdm-list] Help in: (GDM)Change pam-error message in GDM xml


Do you mean this file:

/lib/security/ (Because its all coded!)

PAM likely has different implementations on different distros, so
you really need to figure out what PAM you are using and how to
rebuild it with any string changes you desire.

Note section 3.1 of the GDM docs has some information about PAM:

It recommends you look at the pam.d or pam.conf man page on your
system for details.  Hopefully your distro has useful manpages.
If this isn't helpful,

You probably need to understand your /etc/pam.conf or /etc/pam.d
file to figure out what PAM module you are actually using.  Then
you need to figure out where to get the source code and rebuild the
code with your string changes to change what strings are displayed.
I'd recommend working with your distro to figure this out.

I'd recommend searching around the internet to find forums for
discussing PAM on your distro.  The gdm-list is not really an
appropriate place to discuss distro-specific PAM questions.
Hopefully this information will get you started.

If you want to avoid doing this, you can perhaps rebuild GDM
without PAM support.  Then it will use the code in
daemon/verify-crypt.c or daemon/verify-shadow.c, and changing
the strings in these files will change what shows up in the
GDM dialog.  This might be a quick way to get a string change,
but you lose all features that PAM gives you (such as pluggable
ability to use other authentication mechanisms like kerberos,
etc.).  The --enable-authentication-scheme configure option
lets you pick which scheme you use.  The auto choice picks PAM
if you have PAM on your system.


Best Regards,
Paulo César

Brian Cameron wrote:

Where can i change the pam-error message stored in the XML file (Theme file "/usr/share/gdm/themes")??

I can't find the file that contains the message that appears when enter the wrong credentials in gdm login?!

I need to change some words that are presented!

The pam-error message in the theme just blindly shows whatever messages
come from whatever PAM module you are using on your system.  You need
to look at the code for whatever PAM module you are using if you want
to change the message.


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