Re: unbelievable feature request ;)

> His idea reminded me of a very nice password entering scheme I heard
> about some years ago. The login screen would be made of a picture.
> The login process would be to click on different points on the
> If there are around 80 clicking zones in the picture you end up with a
> possible keyspace roughly equal to one that exists for (a-zA-Z0-9)
> But it is much easier to remember (click 3 times on the bear, 1 times
> the sun, 2 times on the moon) than a strange VVV2pp no?
> cheers,
> Guillaume

I guess the real problem with graphical passwords is that you don't want
TWO passwords; one for GUI systems and one for text-based systems. So
therefore, how do you use a graphical password system to log in remotely
to a text-based system?

Best regards,

Rich Cloutier

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