Re: unbelievable feature request ;)

Am Son, 2003-03-30 um 11.57 schrieb Ben Gator:
> #technical point of view#
> - - no changes in the generell password system of linux (PAM)
> - - best way to implement is a graphical login-screen
> #proposal of implementation#
> The character "a" could a normal sun. The combination SHIFT+"a"="A"
> could be a bright Sun. The character "b" could a cloudy grey sky. The
> combination SHIFT+"b"="B" could be a clear blue sky. And so on ...
> - -> This could be used together with the normal password input system,
> that means u can type it and - if u enabled the option - see
> pictures, or u could use the picture choice only - just as u wish.

  You really want to see your passwort while you enter it?

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