unbelievable feature request ;)

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Hello GDM-Developer Team!

First of all I want to express my thanks for such a great project
that brings us day by day away from the M$ empire :)

The human mind is a complex thing that - everybody does know - much
easier can handle feelings, pictures, impressions than - forgive me -
cold heartless logic.

After spending years of my life in front of a screen, memorizing 1001
passwords for this and that system - I really feel we should try a
new approach.

Let us say I have the password: "UjM;._(9=". In fact I dont remember
the keys instead I remember the 3 row of keys "ujm", ",.-", "890"
combined with "SHIFT, no SHIFT, SHIFT". So this password is quite
tough - I guess.

So what do think about this "password"?
1. a wonderful clear blue sky
2. a warm shiny summer noon sun
3. to keep the line ;) - a far view over a sea up to the horizon
4. on the sea a ship
- -> now join 1-4 into one picture in your mind. Its quite a simple but
nice picture isn't it?
Hmm ... maybe I should make some holyday ...

#idea extraction#
^^^ lets extract the password info:
1. sky, clear, blue
2. summer sun, warm, (noon)
3. sea
4. a ship on the sea
- -> I guess - you see we have a nice password in front of us ;)

#technical point of view#
- - no changes in the generell password system of linux (PAM)
- - best way to implement is a graphical login-screen

#proposal of implementation#
The character "a" could a normal sun. The combination SHIFT+"a"="A"
could be a bright Sun. The character "b" could a cloudy grey sky. The
combination SHIFT+"b"="B" could be a clear blue sky. And so on ...
- -> This could be used together with the normal password input system,
that means u can type it and - if u enabled the option - see
pictures, or u could use the picture choice only - just as u wish.

#next steps ...#
Well thats just the plain pure idea :S
Dont know if its good to "just" replace the keys with some kinds of
icons, dont know if it would be better to set this up as one bigger
picture, dont know if it makes passwords more insecure/secure, but I
know that it ll make the life for some persons much easier and I know
this approach must be 100% compatible with the existing password

I would like to know your oppinions on this idea/feature request ....
Have a lot ideas/proposals jumping around in my head concerning this
picture password system - but before writing it down in some nice pdf
I would like to know if there is anybody interested in it?

Well done, it could be a next step ahead of M$ and a very cool
feature of Gnome or any other Window Manager.

enjoy the day
Ben :)
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