Re: Documentation on creating themes


> Here are some comments and additions:  I'm currently updating CVS with some
> of this stuff BTW.
> Content-Description: theme.txt
> >            Possible values for button ids are as follows:
> > 
> >              language_button   - Select language
> >              disconnect_button - Disconnect from remote session
> >              reboot_button     - Reboot system
> >              halt_button       - Halt system
> >              suspend_button    - Suspect system
> >              session_button    - List available sessions
> >              system_button     - Perform halt/reboot/suspend/etc. options
> >                                  (if allowed by gdm configuration).  Also
> >                                  allows user to run configurator if user
> >                                  enters root password (again if allowed
> >                                  by gdm configuration).
> >              config_button     - Only allows configure system
> Should add
> 		chooser_button - Runs XDMCP chooser
> >         You can also specify the "type" value to indicate that certain
> >         items should only be displayed if the type is true.  Valid values
> >         include the following:
> > 
> >           config   If ConfigAvailable is set to "true" in gdm.conf file.
> >           system   If SystemMenu is specified in gdm.conf file
> >           halt     If HaltDaemon is specified in gdm.conf file.
> >           reboot   If RebootCommand is specified in gdm.conf file.
> >           suspend  If SuspendCommand is specified in gdm.conf file.
> >           timed    If TimedLoginEnabled is set to "true" in gdm.conf file.
> First you need to add "chooser" to the list which is when ChooserButton is
> true.
> Well this is kind of wrong since currently there is type and subtype, but
> that is broken as hell.  So as long as you are not using halt, reboot or
> suspend here, it works.  I will change this in CVS.  It really makes sense
> to do it in the way you describe and I was on crack when I added subtype,
> I admit freely to that.  Though you need to change this a bit.  halt,
> reboot, suspend, config and chooser only will show if system will also be
> on, since setting SystemMenu=false disables ALL of those.
> >       Stock:
> > 
> >         Certain common localized labels can be specified via the stock
> >         tags.  The "text" tag is ignored if the "stock" tag is used.
> >         The following values are valid:
> > 
> >            language           _("_Language")
> >            session            _("_Session")
> >            system             _("S_ystem")
> >            disconnect         _("D_isconnect")
> >            quit               _("_Quit")
> >            caps-lock-warning  _("You've got capslock on!") 
> >            timed-label        _("User %s will login in %d seconds")
> >            welcome-label      _("Welcome to %h")
> >            username-label     _("Username:")
> Add
> 	     chooser            _("_XDMCP Chooser")
> And I would say that the actual labels may change slightly, but that this way
> you don't have to include translations in your project and it will always use
> the same labels as all the other themes.
> Feel free to commit and I can make these changes along with some more
> editting maybe.

It's not clear to me what you want me to commit.  Do you want me to update
the theme document that I wrote and commit it to CVS?  If so, what should I
the document's filename be and what directory should it go into?  Or are
you asking for help making the code changes you mention?  I'm sorry, it 
just isn't clear to me what you are asking me to do.

If it is easier for you to update my document to reflect the changes that
you make, you can feel free to commit it into CVS.  Either way is fine.


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