gdm , chooser and the lost banana peel.

Good morning 

I have two RH 9 linux machines and plan to convert to linux
several more on the lan.What id like to do is from each
workstation being able to log into any of the workstations.

Up to now i been typing X :1 vt08 -query and
this has  worked.I even made a desktop item to launch it .. well.. 
I heard that through , and seen it pop up once in my trials
chooser when i first login the machine i could set up chooser
to do just that.

I was trying to locate real documentation / how-to get chooser running.
I have seen it pop up, but some other settings  were  wrong and
i had to use the rescue disk to get gdm working peoperly .

Now two things.Am i looking at the right place ? 
And if  so .. has anyone  written a  simple how to , to get chooser/gdm
working ? 


it's 5:40 am,time to get coffee..  ; ) 

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