Re: Modifying gdm for auto-login

Well I've implemented it, and I've inserted it into the gdm_verify_user
function, but I can't test it because I don't know how to get the system to
log in the user I choose, and I don't know how to make use of the Gnome/gdm
debugging system. Right now, I'm just trying to log in user "bob" hardcoded
in, but if it ever works, I would replace "bob" with a variable. Login seems
to be the variable currently used for storing a username. I've tried doing
login="bob"; at the beginning of the function so that it should skip right
out, but that won't work either. The way the system works, is that it would
keep polling for a barcode while also waiting for a username. If it reads a
barcode, it will open a config file (root readable only) with
barcode-username mappings, and match the barcode with the username in there.
If I can get this to work, I'd like to convert it over to using iButtons, as
they are much more secure and easier to scan in, too. The main problem right
now is getting the system to log the user in.

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> >>>>> "Jason" == Jason Yau <booyau crosswinds net> writes:
> Jason> I'm trying to modify the latest version of gdm to make use of
> Jason> the cuecat barcode scanner as an authentication
> Jason> mechanism. There is a PAM module that will give users the
> Jason> option of scanning a barcode through with the cuecat instead of
> Jason> using a password, but I want to make it so that users have the
> Jason> option of simply swiping their barcode and be identified and
> Jason> logged in - without a username or password
> Huhm.  So where/how do you map the barcode to a username?
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