[gDesklets] gDesklets and libappindicator

Hi there,

what about this one:


To me this looks OK and pretty good. Like a: "If you have Unity, then
use the appindicator. If not: stay with gconf ;). "

But after googling a bit for libappindicator, Gnome and Ubuntu (/ Unity)
I am a bit confused now.... ?!

Looks like there are (have been ? ) some more general and deeper
discussions and decisions about this topic, e.g.:


So I am not sure about this merge.

On the one hand it look good and just brings another option you don't
have to use if you don't like to.
On the other hand this makes me feel like gDesklets is going to take a
stand for "one of the sides"... ?!
On the other hand again the user could already have enabled it on build
time... ?!

I am confused... So any opinion on this one ?!

Greetings, Bjoern

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