Re: [gDesklets] IExec control does not get output


thanks for your response, meantime I found all necessary informations in Developers guide
-restrictions to import python libraries in script
-label.value uses Pango syntax with xml tags

mdstat was just my first attempt, not my primary target.

I write my post mainly, because I found same problem unsolved in mailing list archive.


On 6. 3. 2012 20:05, Bjoern Koch wrote:
Hi there,

"cat /proc/mdstat"... ?!
Working on a (Software-)RAID-Desklet ?? ;)

I wouldn't use the IExec Control for this. This is (IMHO) something that
should be done with a Control.

I have been working on a Software-Raid Control (back then in 2009... :/
) and there is a some-kind-of-finished SoftRaid-Control somewhere
here... just need some more time to finish it.

If you are interested I could send you the code...

The IExec Control ... well, very useful and "tempting" for a "quick and
dirty" solution. But in most cases - if not almost every case - a
Control would be the better solution.
AFAIR there has been a "good vs. evil" discussion about this Control
back then when it was released ;).

Just my 5 cents ...

Greetings, Bjoern

Am 06.03.2012 16:55, schrieb Peter Kutak:

I try to use IExec control to execute and display output of "cat
Output of the command is following:

Personalities :
  unused devices:<none>

My problem is, that output contains unescaped chars "<>" (lower than,
greater than)
Maybe all xml special chars are problematic.

I am new in Python and do not understand of limitation to import python
libraries in gdesklets.

Any suggestions how to escape(myExec.output)?


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