[gDesklets] Current status of Bug #604103 "<list> prefs item doesn't save software-created items"

Hello everyone.

I recently used the <list> tag in a desklet and managed to overcome the lack of automagical storage of my software created items using some scripting in the desklet. But when I restored the items list and they are shown properly by the config dialog the problem arises that I cant set the selection. After setting the bound variable (bound to <list>) to a list, e.g. ['0','1'] to indicate that the first and second item
should be checked, the gtk widget does not get updated!

I traced back the problem down to "config/ConfigList.py" ConfigList.__setp_value() method. Here, the 'value' that gets passed together with 'key' usually is a list of stringified indices But the implemented code tries to find an item of type 'value' in its item list and therefore always fails with an error since the item list is a list of again stringified indices and not lists
of such.

After I thought a little about that I found, especially regarding cases where 'value' contains elements which are not included in the items list, that one can just throw out all such occurences. After doing this a call of ConfigList._set_selection() with the reduced list then redraws the selection
in the widgets.
One could also throw out duplicate entries from the list at this place...?

I implemented that behavior now and it seems to be working quite well

Maybe the developers can have a look at the changes I made or just comment on the current status
of a fix of this issue



Below is the diff of 0.3x branch Rev. 186 and my hack

--- a/config/ConfigList.py    2010-09-08 15:55:54.000000000 +0200
+++ b/config/ConfigList.py    2012-02-03 15:41:01.468154337 +0100
@@ -226,14 +226,29 @@

     def _setp_value(self, key, value):
-        # set the value (selection) property
-        try:
-            index = self.__items_values.index(value)
-        except:
-            index = 0
+        # create a temporary list from value
+        # which contains only values from
+        # self.__items_values
+        tmplist = []
+        for v in value:
+          try:
+            index = self.__items_values.index(v)
+            tmplist.append(v)
+          except:
+            index = -1

-        if index:
-            self.__listview.set_cursor(index)
-            self.__listview.scroll_to_cell(index)
+        # update the selection according to
+        # tmplist
+        self._set_selection(key, tmplist)
+#        # set the value (selection) property
+#        try:
+#            index = self.__items_values.index(value)
+#        except:
+#            index = 0
+#        if index:
+#            self.__listview.set_cursor(index)
+#            self.__listview.scroll_to_cell(index)
         self._setp(key, value)

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