[gDesklets] 0.36.3 leaking memory?!

Hi Folks,

I recently upgraded to version 0.36.3 and experience an increasing amount of memory being used by the gdesklets-daemon :( I tried to pinpoint the source of the leak by removing my ~/.gdesklets dir and starting a plain new session. I then tried adding the displays I formerly used one by one and found that when I have just the "Genesis" display (v 0.2) and moved the mouse over the default starter (the home icon) to activate pulsing of the icon the gdesklets-daemon starts to accumulate memory.... just slowly but constantly. I dont know much about python and gow to best trackdown the real problem but this behavior filled my memory with 1.6GB garbage in 6 days uptime (with only 3 displays loaded, 2x Genesis and 1x Clock)

Any suggestions on how I should proceed/deal with this behavior or anybody who can reproduce it?

I use ArchLinux with Python 3.2

I had no such problems using gDesklets 0.36.2



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