Re: [gDesklets] New ADL items for requester & notification


I've been thinking that maybe we should keep moving on this since it is
blocking pop-ups and notifications.  Do you think we should discuss ideas on
the blueprint whiteboard or here on the ML?

When I wrote my initial thoughts on this below, I forgot that ADL was XML =P
 I'm now thinking of something like:

  <image/> <!-- or <canvas>...? -->

One more thing: develbook thoughts (see other old email from me...I'm lazy
right now)?


On 02/15/2011 05:54 AM, Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Hi there,
>> Thinking about Bjoern's suggestion to use ADL for IPopUp and the
>> yet-to-be-named Control for notification.  In terms of syntax, it probably
>> makes sense for them to be on the same XML level as the <control> tag.
> I think this is the way it should be done.
>> -{affirmative,negative,alt}-button (mostly optional): a list (like frame's
>> border-width property) of [button text, value passed to callback].  If one
>> of these doesn't exist, the button isn't shown.  Note that this only allows
>> 3 buttons; I think that's a good limit to keep complexity of user feedback
>> in check.  For popup, one button is required.
> Hmmm... not sure about it. I like the idea of having the programmer
> decide on the amount of buttons to be shown. In most cases 2 or 3
> buttons will be more than enough, but you know how fast someone will be
> asking for more buttons ;).
> On the other hand this could easily lead to PopUps with too many
> buttons. But this should be the programmer's choice/task (IMHO).
> Furtheremore this could simplify the ADL as you just need one "buttons"
> attribute...
> I know... this isn't as simple as first thought... that's why I have
> stopped on the IPopUp Control :/.
> What about some "magic strings" like "yes_no" or "wait_cancel" etc. for
> simple or basic and often used PopUps ?
> I am still not sure about the best way to implement PopUps into
> gDesklets (as you can see ;) ).
> But I think that keeping the complexity of a GUI should be in the
> programmer's hand and not be limited by gDesklets or any other framework
> used.
>> -value (required): The text in the pop-up/notify box.
> I like the way gDesklets handles Requesters right now with a question
> (bold) on top and - if needed - a description (normal text) beneath...
>> -callback: Function callback.  If not specified, the buttons just close the
>> pop-up/notify box.
>> -visible: Default false.  Set this to true to show the pop-up/notify box.
>> For notify, the box will close after 'timeout' seconds (10 by default).
> +1 ;).
> And I think icons would be nice. Both for the PopUp/Notify and its
> button(s).
> We are talking about eye-candy! ;)
> Most important: the label of the PopUp/Notify needs to be set to the
> desklets's name so the user can always and easily connect the PopUp to
> the right desklet.
> Anyway, most of my ideas can be found on the IPopUp blueprint:
> And again: I am still not really sure about (anything about) it... :/.
> Greetings, Bjoern

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