Re: [gDesklets] Wiki / Tutorial?

Hi all,

On 06/29/2011 04:00 AM, Joe Sapp wrote:
I'm very sorry this is so late (a month and a half isn't bad!), but I've
posted the IRC log at .  Anybody
want to try for another meeting in July?

sorry I wasn't able to make it! I can give it another try in July. However as said I'm swamped in running our it-firm and writing another thesis. Discussions on joining screenlets & gd sound interesting. Not a bad idea at all. Maybe that could be discussed in July with more depth.

I think I've stepped down from the despot throne in all the launchpad groups and on the site, so you guys should have full access to change whatever you need :). Let me know if it ain't so.

Have a good summer (and a good winter for those under the equator),

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