Re: [gDesklets] Wiki / Tutorial?

Hi all,

I'm very sorry this is so late (a month and a half isn't bad!), but I've
posted the IRC log at .  Anybody
want to try for another meeting in July?

I tried to take notes on the meeting; those follow.  If you want the
executive summary, we voted to work on improving "information management,"
which basically means we need to improve the website.  Somehow.  We need
some ideas on this.  Maxin actually did make a PPA (see the announcement at and I've got some code
posted in bzr (and some in development) to fix issues with Unity.


Current state:
"half-dead, still alive", missing supporters and coders for both core and
no real critical bugs
a few feature improvements slated for 0.36.4

Limited to Gnome 2.*, existing WMs, and Unity
Not working towards gtk+-3 or Gnome 3

maxinbjohn working on it, tabbernuk (screenlets) offered help

Maybe scrapping the current design is a good idea...
Think about new website setup.
Change to .com (specifically so we don't need a German owner)
It would be nice to have a wiki with
screenshots, tags, and an indicator for
the version of gD the desklet has been
proved to be working on etc.

gdesklets-data contains broken desklets, etc.
Create meta-packages (sidecandy-desklets, etc.)

Other ideas:
Themes in core (for 0.40 and beyond)
"Templating" (for 0.40 and beyond)
Information management...getting the info to the user


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