[gDesklets] develbook changes

Hi all,

I just updated the develbook - mostly just the dbus bit and a few
housekeeping things.  Feel free to comment if you object.

I haven't been able to successfully build it with the included yelp
templates.  Basically the big problem is that the toc isn't generated, it's
just plain text (not even HTML).  Does anybody else experience this?  I
wonder what I could do to fix this.

Also, some other ideas: How about integrating the "name" of the builder into
the command-line of the make-html.sh script?  This way we could have
automatic builds more easily.  I was thinking if our host will allow it, we
could have a cron job pull the develbook periodically and build it to
provide a "development" develbook so people can more easily develop Desklets
and Controls before we release the next version.


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