Re: [gDesklets] Blueprint: Is there a newer version available on the internet?

Hi all,

On 05/02/2010 08:48 AM, Bjoern Koch wrote:
>> I agree.  Don't know much about XML a DTD file necessary?
> Nah, don't think so. Just a plain straight-forward structered XML file
> will do (IMHO).
> But maybe there is already some kind of standard way of doing it out
> there ?! Could be nice and easy for a new desklet which is looking for
> updates ?!

I talked with someone who knows a bit more about XML and it sounds like it
would be wise to create a DTD, but it doesn't have to be complex (if not for
us, then at least for generic XML parsers).  I'll try to put something
together and post it on the blueprint page.  Can we at least agree to target
implementing this in 0.36.3?  The way the blueprint is written right now, if
the remote file doesn't exist it won't be a problem for the user.

And just to be clear, this proposal is for the gDesklets program *only*
(that last sentence makes it seem like you think we'd be tracking all
desklets in one file).  I considered putting together a separate one so that
desklet updates are easy and seamless, but it seems like Lauri's "Desklet
desklet" was the start of that effort.  It's a little unrelated to this
topic, but I'd like to see some automatic dependency resolution and updates
for Controls and Desklets (again, does this fall under the project Lauri


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