Re: [gDesklets] Getting 0.36.3 out there...

Hi all,

On 07/24/2010 10:25 AM, Bjoern Koch wrote:
> So, I am going to bring the IPopUp Control to a
> "ready-for-testing"-state and merge it into the 0.3x branch.

Great, I can see a use for it in WeeklyCalendar :)  Hopefully I'll be able
to test it out.

> As fas as I can tell this would be the only open bug left:
> Any chances to have it fixed for 0.36.3 or 0.36.3-rc1 ??

IMHO we should fix this (in <list> at least) for this release.  Not just
because I'm trying to use it in my own desklet... :)
But also because we know about it, it seems possible to fix, and we don't
put out releases very often.

> And what about the "Path to configuration as startup option" ?
> After Joe's post here on the ML I am not sure about it anymore...

I already commented on this one.  It seems like a major task for something
that has a questionable need (from what I can see).

So my thoughts are to try to fix bug #604103 and then pack up RC1.


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