Re: [gDesklets] Getting 0.36.3 out there...

Hi there,

just bringing this one up again.
The last few weeks have been pretty busy here... but know I am ready to
dig into gDesklets again!

So, I am going to bring the IPopUp Control to a
"ready-for-testing"-state and merge it into the 0.3x branch.

As fas as I can tell this would be the only open bug left:

Any chances to have it fixed for 0.36.3 or 0.36.3-rc1 ??

And what about the "Path to configuration as startup option" ?
After Joe's post here on the ML I am not sure about it anymore...

Otherwise I would say that I will pack up 0.36.3-rc1 as soon as the
IPopUp Control is ready for testing.

Once RC-1 is out I will be setting up the 0.36.3 whats-new-page, polish
the IPopUp Control up (alignment etc.) and take a look at the basic
desklets for the final release.

So we might be ready to have 0.36.3 out in mid-August ;).

Any comments, ideas etc. ?!

Greetings, Bjoern

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