Re: [gDesklets] gDesklets project needs you :-)

On Mon, 2009-01-05 at 17:25 -0300, Mario Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello Kerry,
> On Thu, 2009-01-01 at 23:47 -0700, Kerry McCullough wrote:
> > I see no reason why we couldn't get the weather right from the source at
> > (aka NOAA National Weather Service). There are tons of XML
> or provide a nice API that tells developers
> how to get the information needed.
>  So, if you are really sure the published's information is
> public, the only thing to find out is how to get it. Do you think will
> you able to get that info?

I have already located an index xml file on Which allowed
me to create a dictionary (e.g. weather.locations['CO']['Denver'] =
'http://.../ABCD.xml') that will be used to populate enum boxes for
state and city in the properties dialog. I'm as far as downloading
selectthe index xml and creating a dictionary from it.

I will eventually store the dictionary so that it is not necessary to
download it each time. Maybe an option in the properties dialog that
will enable you to redownload it if stations change or something. I will
probably finish off with a current temperature and an icon to represent
the weather at the moment. The icon will be in my current glass theme.
This Display will be for example purposes really, whereas the
NOAAWeather Control will have as much features as NOAA feed allows.

This is my first python project and my first gdesklet. I hope to recieve
feedback when I've released it.

Oh and Mario: I will look into


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