[gDesklets] My first Display (DailyToon)

Hi there!

I just uploaded my first Display *yay*. AFTER doing so I noticed the other Displays' screenshots are not as big as mine and mine doesn't look good in the list. I'd like to upload a different screenshot ... actually just a smaller version of the current one, so that it fits better into the webpage.

I did not include the ImageProperty Control in this version, b/c I had other troubles. Until now I only modified Python scripts of others to fit my needs. These are my first stand-alone usefull lines of Python code ever, so some things might not be as pythonish as they could be.

In this version the user can choose between four cartoons, but there is no convenient way to extend the list of available cartoons. In order to do that one would have to derive new classes in cartoons.py. I hope it's still easy enough. The classes are instantiated automagically.



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