[gDesklets] HumanInterface patch


One of the things I do in Mandriva is develop applications using the
gdesklets framework and we started to release several codes, all of them
under the GPLv2.

Now I have released the main patch which help us to achieve several tasks
we want to do. We wanted to give the possibility of every desklet could
have a different configuration. But that configuration changes when the
user change his/her X11 Workspace, we called them as Screen instead. So if
I start a desklet in Screen 1 and then I change it to Screen 4 we must
have the opportunity to change maybe, the skin, some images, execute some
functions, among others.

Have a look to this patch
http://media.mgonzalez.cl/gdesklets/0.36_human_interface.patch and of
course to the rest of the files: http://media.mgonzalez.cl/gdesklets/

I will explain further this patch if there are any comments. Please, don't
hesitate to send me problems, issues and congratulations :-) to my
personal email or this list (recommended).


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