[gDesklets] Control Proposal: IMenu

This is my first approach to support the XDG menu layout in gDesklets. The
XDG layout is a standard from the FreeDesktop organization.

In the unofficial desklet repository there are some desklets try to do the
same that a Gnome menu does. They try to import those objects using
BONOBO, which we support it in a experimental state. However the Gnome
menu can not be used in that way because it is a Gnome panel's internal
applet, so BONOBO will not be able to help us in our purposes.

What can I try to resolve? I want to have a control that can help me to
build a menu inside a desklet, following the open standard: XDG. So this
control returns a tuple with the items they found.

I'm going to release a "real life" example, that will show you how to use
this Control. However, don't hesitate to have a look in:


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