Re: [gDesklets] 0.36 hits the web


Mario González wrote:
Lauri Kainulainen said:
Then you can add news about new releases and point the file links to
your mirror (i.e. you don't have to wait for me to upload them to the
server). Let me know if you're interested.

  I was thinking more in mirroring the new releases and perhaps the
controls and displays only and not HTML and/or dynamic content.

  That's why I copied the 0.36v in tar.bz2 and .deb format.

Exactly. That's what I mean too. But nobody will find them outside this mailing list if they can't find a link on And you need webmaster status to post new news and modify the front page.

 Lauri Kainulainen
 ... Software Designer
 .....University of Art and Design Helsinki

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