Re: [gDesklets] Improved logging system

Hi there!

>> - every running desklet will have its own logfile in
>> ~/.gdesklets/logs/ - the logfile will use the desklets ID to be
>> identified (name: ID.log) - the logfiles will be deleted with every
>> gDesklets startup or if the desklets is restarted (and/or stopped
>> ?!) - the about window could be extended with a new "Logfile"
>> button which will open a new logview window including a "copy log
>> to clipboard" button to make it easier for the user to send in
>> error reports.
> my first take would be to convert gD to use the python logging module
>  (e.g., .error(), .debug(), etc. instead of the print 
> statements).

OK, set up a blueprint for this one including all infos above:

> After that things like logging into separate files should be
> relatively easy (not sure if it's reasonable to set up multiple files
>  instead of one with prefixes for different IDs).

Hmmm... quite not sure either ;).
Well, putting anything into one log file will still keep the log file
messy even if you prefix with the (pretty long and
"human-reader-unfriendly") ID, especially if you are running like 10+
On the other hand lots of log files aren't so good either....

But multiple log files will make it easier for the user to look for the
error (at least I think so) and we wouldn't need any kind of parsing
when it comes to providing the log files ;).

So I would still think it would be best to have the gdesklets.log just
for the core and another or multiple logs for the desklets running.

> Isn't there a "talkback" system for gnome somewhere? Something that 
> would uniform the error reporting on the gnome desktop?

Shouldn't stay gDesklets Gnome-independent ??

Greetings, Bjoern

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