Re: [gDesklets] Planned IRC Meeting on 1st July

Christian Meyer wrote:

Hi folks,

I think it's a good idea to have a nice IRC meeting on
irc:// I was thinking of having one on 1st July at
20.00 UTC (should be UTC +2).
Good idea, but it is Sunday, hmm... you know....
If I am in Dublin and it is UTC +1, so should it be 19.00 in Dublin?

Preliminary agenda:

- 0.35
 * current situation
 * patches
 * remaining bugs
 * contributed enhancements (a richer ADL)

- SUN's recent involvement
 * it's nice to (finally) have SUN involved (I had a discussion with some
SUNnies at LWE 2003 and GUADEC 2004)
 * accessibility features
I am leaving Sun next month since my the intership in Sun is going to finish. But I am planning to go to GUADEC as a student and applying the VISA. Is anyone going as well? So we might meet there.;)

- 0.40
 * current situtation (pre-alpha version)
 * current ideas (theme support, several backends for several devices)
 * any other ideas (open discussion)

- how can we attract more (hacking) people?
 * the mailing list is a good start -> bigger success than we thought
 * Tell people about it, offer mentoring for enhancements
and bug fixing

- Infrastructure
 * we should keep on using
 * mailinglist at
 * wiki (currently running on my home machine, I'm having problems at the
moment with lighttpd again, any expert around?)
 * gdesklets site

Please add your ideas to this agenda. I want to announce the irc meeting on ASAP.

Xusheng Hou

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