Re: [gDesklets] Planned IRC Meeting on 1st July


Martin Grimme wrote:
Preliminary agenda:

- 0.35
  * current situation
  * patches
  * remaining bugs
  * contributed enhancements (a richer ADL)

* situation of the gDesklets shell desklet

- 0.40
  * current situtation (pre-alpha version)
  * current ideas (theme support, several backends for several devices)
  * any other ideas (open discussion)

* ROADMAP leading towards a release _this_ year ;)
* situation of the graphical desklet builder
* controls in 0.40 (would be good to have Lauri there)

I'll be there :)

- Infrastructure
  * we should keep on using

* ... or should we just integrate it w/ LP and make it primary

* integrate bugzilla with launchpad somehow. launchpad states it can
   do this

  * mailinglist at
  * wiki (currently running on my home machine, I'm having problems at the
moment with lighttpd again, any expert around?)

* we need a 24/7 accessible wiki, of course :)

  * gdesklets site
        -> current list of feature suggestions and what to do w/ them

  > lauri(AT) <
  > +35840 722 5101      <

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