Re: [gDesklets] Moonlight desklets


we need something like this:

2007/6/26, Lauri Kainulainen <lauri sokkelo net>:

A very interesting read to start my morning with :). I still think (call
me stubborn) that gDesklets with a dedicated renderer and a simple
ADL-language+python can beat C# and XAML, but that's just my 2c.

The unique idea which we have in gDesklets is what you describe and beside
the technical things, not everyone fancies C#/Mono ;-)
No...let's stick to the facts and don't start a language war (I like both C#
and python. There's an interesting article which covers Python 3000:

However I'd like to point out a few concepts from moonlight desklets,
screenlets, etc. that gDesklets should support (not high priority, just

- A richer way to do animations. This is currently our shortfall. I'm
not sure how hard it would be to have some kind of simple support using
SVG. At least we should think of a very easy API for developers to use

Martin and I were thinking about this about 2 years ago, when both of us
weren't as limited in time as we are now.
I made a simple desklets which displayed a svg animation. It's not too
difficult but I have to agree that it should be much easier to do. I
somewhat hate the current situation.

- Widget support and official theme support. This has been discussed
earlier. Widgets and themes would make desklet development easier, would
allow re-usable components and make the desklets look more unified.
Basically the current ADL-elements can be thought of UI-widgets, but we
would still benefit greatly if the widgets could be easily themed. I'm
really not an expert since I haven't even used SideCandy or any of the
other good theme-engines.

Agreed. Theme support should be definitely included in 0.40. There's no
question about it!

It would also be cool to provide support for 3rd party widgets. For
instance some one could provide the good'ol TreeView as a widget that is
created using python + ADL and others could use it simply by including
it in their desklets.

I don't get it :-)

We can already do all this, but I think we should come up with a de
facto way so that people could collaborate easier.

Should we have a brainstorming session on IRC? Ideas can be collected and
moved to the wiki (wiki is currently broken, my fault, lighttpd has some
issues when you change the config. I have to find out what's wrong).


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