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> Yes it would if you want to get the controls out of the package and
> submitted to the site.

No need to (I would say). Most Controls have (or had) their own package,
and if not just provide a list of desklets in which it is included so
the user (but I guess it would be a developer in this case anyway) can
choose which to download.

> The site will always be available to those who want their desklet
> library tweaked to the maximum. I do however think that most first time
> users will install gDesklets via their package manager and at the same
> time install the desklets as well.

But if you take a look at gentoo, you will find only a few desklets
packages provided, and most of them are not even working as their links
still point to g.g.o.

> Your analogy is lacking. Firefox has EXTENSIONS and it works very nicely
> without them. We have desklets and a core. A core that is useless
> without the desklets.

True, this analogy is lacking. Good point!
But it has been chosen to show you that most users don't care about
visiting a homepage and downloading "additions" from there etc.
With gDesklets a user would be forced to do so as he can't use it
out-of-the-box. But if gD had a requester on the first startup telling
the user what to do next...

> Having an official branch for working and updated desklets is a superb
> idea! If we don't support any of the displays ourselves (i.e. don't eat
> our own food), we end up having the current situation where the core
> breaks compatibility every now and then. AND we'd end up in the same
> situation where the packagers decide which desklets end up in the
> extra-packages.

Well, there IS SideCandy and its pretty "official". I am just wondering
why it still hasn't found its way onto the homepage yet ??
THIS is the biggest problem right now. The most important things just
don't get done. Right now you ARE just not supporting your very own

> You're free to disagree with all of this and discussion is always very
> good, but I'm still failing to see what your actual solution would be.
> What is your vision on gD? Would you just keep everything as it is?

(just written and deleted 30-40 lines)
Whatever... if I'd start here we would be going too far off-topic and
into long - if not endless - discussions.
With the development of the project within the last 18 month or so (at
least for non-developers)... ah... whatever :/.

Greetings, Bjoern

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