Re: [gDesklets] about category

Hi there,

> What would be the best for USERS, would be to have one single file that
> is installed by moving it to a folder where it can be found. 

Well, maybe you should take this approach and adjust the website's
structure accordingly.
For a (normal) USER it doesn't really matter how things are done (as
long as they get installed in an easy way). The User doesn't care about
desklets and controls, he is basically just looking for (working)
display files.
So maybe it is a good idea to see a desklet as what it is and basically
has always been: an archive which contains display files and - if needed
- controls (or only controls without display files...).
In this case you would need to offer (or better: focus on) a display
file browser on the webpage.

So, when submitting a desklet (archive file) you would have to browse
through the included display files and controls and fill the database
with their information. (One category per display file and no worries
there, too.)
The User would be searching for e.g. SideCandy-Network and then be
downloading the SideCandy-Desklet archive (including all the other
display files in there). Everything he needs (like Controls) would be
included, running "out of the box".
I guess this would be a more intuitive approach from the User's point of

> But what would be good for DEVELS (IMHO) is to have a listing of
> controls, so that they don't need to reinvent the wheel and using
> bundling might kill the need to submit controls separately.

Well, any control included in a desklet archive would find its way into
the database, too. So browsing for controls wouldn't be too hard either.

But talking about controls... they definitively could use some kind of
meta-tags and (improved) versioning system, too. The manifest file is a
move into the right direction but I guess a minimum set of meta tagss
which has to be filled out/in might be a better solution (btw.: same for
the display files).

Greetings, Bjoern

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