Re: [gDesklets] about category

Hi there,

> Meta-tags? The controls are just python files, so therefore I think that
> using a MANIFEST file is more appropriate. Also it has the advantage of
> being much more easier to parse :). 

Ok, true... no XML there :).

> And displays have meta-tags. We should just make them obligatory.

At least a minimum set like name, version, description etc.

> I like your ideas, but making the submission work by just uploading one
> file which the webserver then unpacks, parses for display files and
> controls, parses those files for meta information, repacks the files (at
> least controls and display files) into separate packages and submits
> into the site would be quite a lot of code (and bugs :) ).

Well, no repacking would be needed. If someone wants to have the (e.g.)
SideCandy-Network display he would be downloading the SideCandy archive
of which it is part of. There wouldn't have to be a repacking into
single-display archives, and actually this would be a pretty bad idea
anyway (IMHO).
Basically the shell and the website should be similar in handling
things. And as the shell can handle multiple-display archive by
splitting them up into single display files (under the given categories)
and controls I guess it would be very intuitive if the website would
handle things similar. The shell doesn't care about the original desklet
archive either :).

> In my view the site is *mostly* for us - developers and other
> contributors. Developers can share controls and we can pick the best
> desklets to be included in the "official package".

Well, I am pretty sure that most (or a lot of the) users would still
come to the website to look around. But I guess that is just a point of

But I don't like the idea of a desklet that gets a list of all available
desklets/displays/controls as the *default way* of handling gDesklets
and its installed files. This looks a lot (to me and a bit overdone in
the following) like most Windooze apps that start annoying you with
update information or even updating on its own by default. Makes me
(personally) feel like losing control of what's going on etc.
If there is a way to have things done this way, it is fine if someone
really wants it that way. But it really shouldn't be the *default way*
of getting things done.
So I really wouldn't like to see the website being treated or seen as
"second choice" (or what ever you would like to call it... ;) ).

But that's just my point of view and my 5c :).

Greetings, Bjoern

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