[gDesklets] Results from the Meeting on 1st July

Hi folks,

you can read more about it at http://gdesklets.de/?q=node/15

We plan to have another IRC meeting next Sunday at 21.00 CEST. It'll cover
gDesklets 0.40 which is one of the remaining action items.
A third meeting will be on a week day since we want to have to SUN guys on
IRC and it seems for them quite difficult to be around at the weekends.

Christian Meyer
GNOME:    http://www.gnome.org
gDesklets: http://www.gdesklets.org
AIM: chrisime
ICQ: 72107443
Jabber: christian meyer gmail com
MSN: chrisime77 msn de
Skype: chrisime77
Yahoo: chrisime77 yahoo de

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