[gDesklets] [PROPOSAL] Controls in 0.40

Hi all,

I'm currently planning the control support for 0.40. Obviously we
shouldn't move too far from the current scheme to stay backwards
compatible, but a few improvements could be added.

Currently it works like this:
- controls are loaded by the <control> tag inside displays like this:
   <control id="rss" interface="IRSS:3gikhdozrkx0l00hqqm0azqqk-2"/>

- controls are stored inside ~/.gdesklets/Controls/$CONTROLNAME, for
example ~/.gdesklets/Controls/GetHTML

We have a lengthy discussion on the wiki at
http://gdesklets.gotdns.org/gDeskletsWiki/Proposal/LoadingControls ,
but there is no consensus yet :)

Now here's my first proposal. A very simple one with two aims:
1. support for multiple versions of controls installed
2. get rid of the ID-tag

- controls stored inside ~/.gdesklets/Controls dir by versions. E.g.
~/.gdesklets/Controls/GetHTML/0.5/ (version information is fetched
directly from the site, no meta information needed if not wanted)

- controls are loaded simply by <control id="rss" interface="IRSS"/>. We
could use a "version" attribute to force a certain version of the control.

Should be backwards compatible (just ignore the ID-tag of older
desklets) and provides a simpler approach to desklet developers.

Whaddaya think?

Lauri Kainulainen
 » lauri sokkelo net
 » http://lauri.sokkelo.net
 » +35840 7225101

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