Re: [gDesklets] Homepage improvements

Hi Bjoern,

and thanks for the ideas!

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> - RSS support
> would be nice to have RSS for new/updated desklets and controls

I'm planning on it. The current module for the desklets doesn't
integrate that nicely with the other modules since it doesn't cleanly
implement the hooks and nodes scheme Drupal uses (it just wouldn't bend
enough :) ).

I have implemented three little scripts that create a simple text file
containing a python dictionary of desklets, news and controls. This is
then used by the Desklet control.

You can get the very simple RPC lib here:

For someone who is familiar with the XML-structure of RSS it would be
very easy to just convert the get_desklets, get_news, get_controls files
into RSS-outputs. I'm not going to work on it now, but I promise to
check and put the files on the server if someone manages it :)

> - (public) Tasklist
> what about a tasklist so people can open tasks and even sign in for
> helping. Especially for improving and fixing desklets and porting
> sensors to controls this might be a useful approach
> There are a few Tasklist modules for drupal around, like:

Sounds reasonable. Although I'd prefer to have plans and all in one
place: the wiki.

I tried the module but it did not work on my development server, so I
won't include it now on

> - Desklet groups/themes/whatever
> an additonal flag for desklets to show the theme it belongs to (if any),
> like SideCandy, FTB, SideStripes, Gauges, Styx(?) etc.
> When searching for desklets this might help to find the one matching
> with your favorite theme.

Yeah. I guess the best solution would be a tagging scheme of sorts (like for example). Easily done if there's enough demand for this.

> - Forum
> well, I think the included forum is... you know... working, but not
> really useful. It lacks a lot of nice little features etc.
> Anyway, unfortunately there are not a lot of alternatives. All "famous"
> and/or "good" forums can not be integrated into drupal.
> The only (working) integration of a "decent" forum around seems to be
> the one for SMF (Simple Machines Forum).

I'll have to look into that one once I get the time. If you want to try
integrating it, I can give you the SSH account information.


Lauri Kainulainen
 � lauri sokkelo net
 � +35840 7225101

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