Re: [gDesklets] Candy bar?

thanks a lot!
I installed Controls and Sensors and I have this error over and over
again. My Python knowledge is very poor, so I understand, I have to stop
trying to run candy-bar and will wait for better times :)

Do anyone know good (working) alternative for this stuff?

Greets, Paul

Dnia 02-04-2007, pon o godzinie 21:25 +0200, Bjoern Koch napisał(a):
> > Im using gDesklets 0.35.3 and I tryed to execute candy bar 0.2 desklet,
> > that I found on the webpage, but it
> > doesn't work... Here is error message I recived instead:
> > 
> > ---------------------------------------------------------
> > Could not find sensor 'candybar'
> > $HOME/.gdesklets/Displays/candybar-0.2/candybar.display
> > 
> > A sensor could not be found. This usually means that it has not been
> > installed.
> > ---------------------------------------------------------
> > 
> > Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.
> Well, looks like the Sensor didn't get installed (properly). These
> things happen pretty often with gDesklets 0.30+ as Sensors have been
> replaced by Controls and are marked depreciated. So the active support
> has been stopped or frozen (or whatever).
> Basically you can find the explanation on top of the website:
> ----
> This icon indicates that the archive contains at least one sensor.
> Sensors are depreciated since gDesklets 0.30 and will be no more
> supported with gDeskelts 0.40. Furthermore the chances are very high
> that this desklet will not work with the latests gDesklets version!
> ----
> Most of the Sensors do not work anymore, some still do. For what reason
> ever.
> Anyway: if you can't find the candybar Sensor somewhere in
> $HOME/.gdesklets/Sensors/ than it hasn't been installed. In this case
> you can still try to install it by hand (which is a bit tricky with
> Sensors).
> If you can find the sensor in $HOME/.gdesklets/Sensors/ ... well: bad
> luck (I guess). In this case you will have to look for an alternative
> display/desklet or turn the Sensor into a Control (you will need some
> Python knowledge and time for that ;) ).
> Hope that helps.
> Greetings, Bjoern
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