Re: [gDesklets] Candy bar?

> Im using gDesklets 0.35.3 and I tryed to execute candy bar 0.2 desklet,
> that I found on the webpage, but it
> doesn't work... Here is error message I recived instead:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Could not find sensor 'candybar'
> $HOME/.gdesklets/Displays/candybar-0.2/candybar.display
> A sensor could not be found. This usually means that it has not been
> installed.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.

Well, looks like the Sensor didn't get installed (properly). These
things happen pretty often with gDesklets 0.30+ as Sensors have been
replaced by Controls and are marked depreciated. So the active support
has been stopped or frozen (or whatever).

Basically you can find the explanation on top of the website:

This icon indicates that the archive contains at least one sensor.
Sensors are depreciated since gDesklets 0.30 and will be no more
supported with gDeskelts 0.40. Furthermore the chances are very high
that this desklet will not work with the latests gDesklets version!

Most of the Sensors do not work anymore, some still do. For what reason

Anyway: if you can't find the candybar Sensor somewhere in
$HOME/.gdesklets/Sensors/ than it hasn't been installed. In this case
you can still try to install it by hand (which is a bit tricky with
If you can find the sensor in $HOME/.gdesklets/Sensors/ ... well: bad
luck (I guess). In this case you will have to look for an alternative
display/desklet or turn the Sensor into a Control (you will need some
Python knowledge and time for that ;) ).

Hope that helps.

Greetings, Bjoern

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