Re: purging entries for schemas no longer installed?

I think we can add a remove-local-gconf script to the "post" part when
we build the package. (if you are under rpm package manager). 

We can add a very powerful uninstall application to this script. So we
can follow the instruction of this uninstall application to whether
remove or backup our local data. It depends on the developers of each

在 2007-10-23二的 18:51 -0400,Shaya Potter写道:
> Is there a way to automatically purge schema entries for entries that 
> are no longer installed in the system?
> Namely, lets say I install evolution.  If I want to remove it in debian, 
> I could a dpkg --purge evolution.
> this will remove the schemas, but whatever changes I made to my local 
> gconf will still exist.  What happens if I made some bad configuration 
> choices that I really want to revert, but dont know whats breaking it? 
> I can't seem to find a way to either
> a) take a schema and revert all key values to their default
> or preferably for this case
> b) see what schamas are installed and remove any keys that don't have 
> their schemas installed anymore.
> The closest thing to "b" I can see is that I can probe each key and see 
> if it has a schema (if I remove the schemas it seems to come up "no 
> schema known" and then "unset" them.  But I think this would just result 
> in a situation where one has empty values if it would be reinstalled, 
> not default values (though I could be wrong I guess).
> any help would be appreciated.
> thanks.
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