Re: questions about gconf future

Marcin Antczak wrote:
I have some questions about GConf future plans.

2. Are there plans to change current schema structure? And for example to use standard XMLSchema structures?
Expecially I think about this problem:

Currently in GConf we can use some limited types of data in keys. Allowed values are: string, int, bool, float, list, pair. And - maybe I'm wrong, but I really cannot see anything like this - there is no way to validate and describe what exactly is allowed to write in some keys.

If you do plan to go to XML schemas, _please_ consider implementing them via RELAX-NG[1], rather than via W3C XMLSchema. RELAX-NG supports datatypes, but is an order of magnitude easier to deal with. A much better design, IMO, and quickly becoming the de facto schema standard.

My $0.02...


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