Re: Garnome- building muine-0.8.3

> GARNOME- installs the mono-1.0.6 stack and therefore gtk#-1.
> The only prerequisite not met is gtk#-2.  The bad news is the gtk#-2 API
> is unstable.  The good news is gtk#-2 can coexist with gtk#-1 since the
> mono folks added a "2" to the names of the files for gtk#-2.  
> I installed gtk-sharp-1.9.5, which allows muine-0.8.3 to build and run.

GARNOME 2.11 will build and install gtk-sharp-1 and -2 for this exact
reason (as well as mono 1.1.7 and friends)

See the forthcoming release note about the weekly snapshot builds i've
been working on for more information about where to get things.



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