Re: No menus or icons with

I have a similar problem.  The stable build basically worked, but I need
several of the newer libraries, so I want to use the unstable one.

Installing went reasonably well on a RHEL3 base.  The resulting
system has most things, but the menus are missing.  If I click on the
gnome foot, I get that menu, but the Applications link is totally empty.
Other than that, all of the icons look OK.  Also the "add to panel" list
when I right-click is there and work fine.

I'd appreciate it if someone could point me towards which of the
packages actually creates/manages these Applications menu entries so I
can track this down.  I did try running as a totally virgin user so
there was no old cruft left around to confuse the issue.  Also I did
make certain that only the garnome versions of the code are running.

Thanks, Bill

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