Re: suggestion on improving the build-process

> I'm using garnome to build GNOME 2.8 on Slackware. When using garnome, the
> build process is often halted when some dependency is not met.
> Since the build process typically takes a many hours to complete,
> such interruptions during the build process means that I can't just start
> building, and come back when the build is complete.
> There are severeal ways to improve this situation, (I'm sure someone are
> aware of others?): Fixing the dependencies before the build-process is
> one.

Actually, there are plans for checking and satisfying dependencies
before building. However, this highly depends on the distro and version.
Which makes it a pretty tough task. It might eventually be part of

Apart from that, the README mentions required dependencies for two

And there are other dependency lists and even scripts out there, solving
this issue for particular distros. See Bob's GARNOME Extras site [1].

> Another is, if a compile-error is detected, to continue building
> other garnome packages if the package which failed was not "mandatory" by
> some definition. Garnome could still produce a working GNOME-system, even
> if for example GnomeMeeting is not compiled. (no offence to gnomemeeting
> :) At the end of the garnome build, I could then decide if I want to go
> back and fix the remaining build errors.

Run 'make install' instead of 'make paranoid-install' for meta garballs
like platform/ and desktop/. It already does this.

However, it does not "report" failed packages. But you sure could check
for missing 'build' or 'install' cookies to get a list of broken

> Some kind of improvement like this, would make me like garnome even more!

Man, you gotto love GARNOME then. ;-)  HTH



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