[Bug 127821] - gnome-settings-daemon crash on login

control-center | settings-daemon | Ver: HEAD

------- Additional Comments From vix vazka sk  2004-05-19 17:20 -------
Well, after a few weeks this bug still seems to be alive. I have bypassed it by
not-calling the function, which shows window with warning. This is ugly, but
actually it works on Solaris + Sun Ray, where no XKB functionality cannot be
expected yet. All keyboard-related things work as they should.

One thing to know (maybe totally unrelated): I had to set Input method to "X
Input Method (XIM)" instead of "Default", or the national characters don't work
(I'm using Slovak keyboard, switching via GKB applet). There is also env.
variable controlling this, so I've added it to my start-session script.

If anyone is interested, I can post a patch here (I'm not on that Solaris
machine right now), or the XIM problem, respectively. These are things which
never occur on Linux, I think...

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