Re: unable to start garnome


try this:

grep -i sessiondir /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf

On my Mandrake, it shows:


so, that is the directory with sessions. Try to find yourself the

> I know this is annoying from a beginner, if I reboot how do I get it
> to stop at the right point, and instead of starting X, just login as a
> shell?

No need to reboot. If you are on the console, press CTRL+ALT+F1 to get
the first virtual console (text mode), CTRL+ALT+F2 for second etc.
Normally, you have 6 text consoles, and the 7th is first graphical. To
switch the graphical console from text console, you need to ALT+F7
(notice no CTRL).

If you are running GDM and want to "startx", the best would be to stop
(su - root
/etc/init.d/dm stop

This will ensure, that the first graphical console will be used for your
logging via "startx".

By exiting the Xwindows (logout from GNOME etc), you get the shell

If you need you gdm again, just su to root and run /etc/init.d/dm start

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